Thursday, 8 April 2010


Well, well. Spring is here, no doubt about it. We had a pretty cold winter, colder than most, and more snow than in a long time. But our spring started right up and it is quite warm here.

Last night I finished nailing and glueing all my bee frames. The next thing to do is finish them by putting the wax foundation in them. As far as hives go, I need to rework them a little bit. That or just put together the hive pieces that my cousin and I cut at Thanksgiving. I contacted someone locally who sells bees, but couldn't get a hold. If I can't get them locally I will see about getting them shipped in.

The garden is growing well. I didn't loose as much lettuce as I thought I did. I put the tray behind the greenhouse out of direct sun. No deer have been in the garden since winter. I am hoping that enough green things are in the woods that they won't have to eat out of my garden. I got a book from the library telling how to deer proof your garden. Basically their is no set way to deer proof you garden for every one. But more on that later.

My strawberries are doing well, growing strong. I have broccoli that is 8 inches tall, and two heads of lettuce that are ready to eat anytime. Pollen is everywhere, everytime I drive I have to turn on the windshield washers and wash the windshield. My grape vines are doing splendid, I put the muscadine pot right on the arbor so this year I will let it climb up it, and probably this fall plant it. The niagara grape vine is doing well. I just planted an apple tree from seed and I will be growing it espalier, so that should be a lot of fun.

I recently ordered gooseberries, currants, raspberries, asparagus and rhubarb. Because back in the early 1900's currant and gooseberries carried a disease that killed white pines all were banned from the US. In the 60's most states let up the ban, but some still have it. The weird thing is that most places will ship currants to NC but not the place I am ordering. So, I am shipping it to my cousins in GA and on April 23 my grandparents are coming up and they will bring that. My cousin is also sending more blueberry cuttings, a different kind for a pollinator.

A friend at church who makes wine and has a small garden and grows just about one of everything decided to grow hops this year. (I convinced him). So, this Friday, tomorrow he is picking up two hops for me also, we will pay eachother at church. Still not sure where I want to plant them yet, they grow 20-25ft per season!!! But die back to the root every winter. Next year I might get a couple more.

When I move and eventually have my own house (I'm thinking somewhere in NC/SC) I can come back to my old house and take cuttings from all the fruit and grapes and stuff that I am growing now. I am planning to order grapes soon, a few wine grapes and some table grapes. I am thinking of stopping by a local nursery and seeing the selection on fruit, might buy an apple tree. But what I would like is to go to an apple orchard and take a few cuttings, I wonder if they would mind. Just a few prunnings.

The garden up by the house is doing well. In fact the beans up here are doing better. The beans down by the other garden seem to be some what withered or something is eating them. The ones up here are growing 1/2" a day! Lettuce is doing well up here. Though I seem to have a mole in one of my gardens up here. I put a bottle in the ground, that is suppose to make vibrations they don't like, we will see. Zinnias are coming up. Down by the garden parsnips, carrots, onions, shallots, beets, coming up. Zucchini are doing the best of the vining crops. Tomatoes are rather slow. Watermelons, cantaloupe, and such are only 2 leaves right now.

I am planning on putting in beans after some of the peas are done, and than doing more peas. I am planning a huge fall garden. Hoping to do lettuce year round from now if I can. Planning quite a few brassicas through the winter, and in the greenhouse I am doing carrots, and probably rutabagas, and such through the winter. Maybe some radishes.

I need to buy more peat moss from Lowes. Along with some chicken wire.

Sometimes I wonder what good it is doing school. I have an Uncle who is a medical doctor, he said he took trig and all in collage, and now, he has math ability of about 8-9th grade. You forget so much of what you learn. Sometimes I wonder how I am doing at math, will I do well on SAT test? But than I think, its all in His hands. I know so much more about plants, winemaking, beekeeping than I would say the average adult. So, I will just leave it in His hands and trust his will in my life.

I have a lot to do today, so I will end now. Good bye.

English Vintner