Thursday, 27 February 2014


I say goodbye to the US and say hello to Uganda in 3 days. I fly out of here Sunday afternoon and arrive in Uganda late Monday night.

I have not been as open about this trip before because of multiple difficulties, too much to try and explain here.

I am going to the northern part of Uganda, Karamoja (I believe) where I'll be staying for 3 months working. To be honest I don't know exactly what I'll be doing, I'm leaving that up to God. His agenda, not mine. I believe it involves some agriculture, learning skills useful for the third world mission field, and seeing the church in Uganda.

I want God to show me even more where and what He wants my life to be for him. I am feeling nervous and excited at the same time; it will be my first time flying alone, and it's a long flight (16+ hours). But, God didn't call us to feel comfortable all the time, and I believe in a God a lot bigger than my own comforts and familiarity. I'm expecting big things from this trip in my personal life with God.

I will not be taking my computer, phone, or such, and I don't know that writing letters is very good, unless Harry Potter lent you his owl. I will have access to someone's computer at the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Uganda Mission (the organization I'm going with) and should be able to post blog posts from time to time and maybe keep up a little on facebook.

God provides for His children, and we just have to believe. It was hard at times to believe that all the money would come in for the trip, as I never sent out any letters and only asked a few people for money, but God graciously gave me the $3700 for the trip, which included me putting in every penny I could earn working at the Stone Table Restaurant. So, I head off to Uganda, debt payed off, but not much in the bank for my return. Living for a God who is bigger than me and my own pleasure.

Pray for me, that I would listen to God and be a blessing and help to those around me. I want God to use me for His purpose and glory through this adventure. I want to come even closer to God, fall even more in love with Him. Pray that He would give me wisdom as this may be something He wants me to do long term. Pray that I give God all the glory in the way I live and love everyone I meet.

Thank you for those who have already prayed and will pray, I pray God's blessing over you. Thank you to those who gave financially, I believe God will bless you so that you can give even more away for Jesus!

I love you all very much!

English Vintner