Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Coffee was good this morning, strong (very, more so than usual), but I probably needed it strong, I only got 7 hours, and I am not 'over rested', so 7 hours right now is probably not good enough. I prefer a time frame of 10pm-6am sleep. Last night was 12-7:30

Well, I planted shallots. We had used 2/3s of them (about 60), and I planted the last 1/3 (29 to be exact) today. The bed right below the bed where I planted leeks, and garlics was where I planted them. I pulled a few weeds and dug it up about 6 inches, it is very easy to work with, sandy soil. I made a long row, about 18 inches wide. I than spaced the plants doing 2, 1, 2, 1 making a pattern, two, then one then two more. I made a hole, put in sifted compost, put in the shallot, about 3-4 inches down, covered with more compost. I really enjoy planting bulbs of garlic and shallots. Once the beans are done (I am letting them go to seed size) I will plant more leeks (I got 1400 seeds! for a low price).

I am really interested in winter squash and pumpkins. In fact, I plan on growing a giant pumpkin next year, I'm aiming for 1-200 pounds. The biggest one recorded was 1469 pounds! I think that was a year or two a go. So, yes, I am aspiring to grow a giant pumpkin. I'll probably grow it across the fence. I'll probably dig a whole 2ft down and 3 ft in diameter, fill with mostly compost, blood meal, and Sea Crop (and maybe ORMUS water, if I have my magnetic water trap up by then).

I think for main crops I will do these: Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Winter Squash, Carrots, Beans/Peas, Cabbage, (onions/leeks/garlics/shallots), and a few more.

We have 40 quarts of apple sauce. Enough frozen apples for 10 pies (not actually a whole lot, we'll probably use 4 at thanksgiving), and a few later on. We have 2.5 gallons frozen cider, 5 gallons hard cider, and some apple wine fermenting. I hope to make about 5 more gallons of sweet cider. And make some weak apple cider vinegar (from the pressed apple pomace).

Next year I may see about setting up a stand or sign for Pumpkins, Indian Corn (I might try growing some of that for selling), Winter Squash. And also have some other things from the garden. I would like to try growing a couple different kinds of pumpkins. Sweet pumpkins for pie. Jack o Lantern pumpkins for selling, and try a giant pumpkin. I'll probably do butternut squash, and one or two other kinds of winter squash.

So, that is the plan right now. As soon as we get a frost I will see about planting my fruit trees/shrubs, and hope they survive. At least this year I have figured out a few things: Potted plants in general are going to make more work than in ground plants. They dry out much faster.

I have not gotten my money yet from the fair. Once I do I will put in an order from Johnny's Seeds. The plastic with shipping is going to cost $105. And I plan on buying some row cover material (and buy some other stuff at a fabric store). And maybe some other stuff. I can't wait for next years growing season! I hope to get a couple tons of manure like I did this year. Plus if I get chickens, the manure from the chickens.

I have 2 years left of highschool. Then, if I go to Johnson and Wales for a cooking degree, 2 year, I would live here, because the commute is less then an hour (I think in general it will take about 40-45 mintues, depending on rush hour etc.) That means, probably 4 years here, with the later 2 being a bit busier. I am trying to figure out who is going to be my apprentice. No one has shown a DEEP interest in it, though I did not show much until 2 years ago. I am sorta thinking it will be Jedidiah. I am also trying to find an apprentice for winemaking. I'm sorta thinking Elijah, though maybe he and Jedidiah will share the load. Beekeeping and chickens? Maybe the bees will also be Jed. Chickens, I think most of the kids will want to help. So, these are things I am keeping in mind. I tried to get some of the kids to help me this year with gardening. Jedidiah helped the most. Elijah usually, I hate to say, gets tired out, and quits. Due partly to his allergies and health problems, which we are getting fixed. So, anyway, the kids say they want to play bobbing for apples. So, I'll go watch, and enjoy doing the sport! : )

English Vintner