Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Well well well. I had a great time with my cousin here. We got a lot done. Cleared a lot of brush and got planted a lot of things. He and my grandparents left yesterday morning. For some reason I got it into my head I wanted to learn more about the Coral Castle down in Florida. I then had a choir awards ceremony at 3:15, that went well. I got home and had to eat supper fast and headed over to drama where we did a rehearsal with another one of the cast.

When my cousin was here we planted up on the other side of the fence I would guess over 30 pumpkin mounds, 15 squash mounds, 12 watermelon mounds, and maybe a few other things thrown in here and there. Along the fence we planted around 20 cucumbers and quite a few squash plants. My order for the grape vines should be arriving soon. I got an email saying something had shipped, but never once did it mention where the 3lb package was shipping from. My cousin brought with him some black raspberries from his property, some red raspberries from his property and some blueberries and apple and pear cuttings. My order which was sent to him had 1 each of black currant, red currant, white currant and champagne currant. Also 1 pixwell gooseberry and another kind of gooseberry. I also got asparagus and rhubarb. We planted the black rasberries and red raspberries. But most of the other fruit he brought I put in pots. I will transplant in the fall/winter when they are dormant.

The Coral Castle is an amazing piece of work. And though some people try to say that it was all about levers and pullys (how Ed built it) there is no doubt that he had something more to it than that. If it were just levers and pullys, than why did Ed ONLY do his work when no one was watching him. Why did he only move his blocks at night? No, I believe he understood something that we do not today. Why he wanted to keep it a secret, there may be many reasons. He was a bachelor, from Latvia, and at his max weight he was 125lbs. He was born in 1881 (I think) and in 1905 he came to the states (this is from what I have read, not all of it is nessasarilly true, so be careful in what you read here and else where). He worked as a lumber jack in California and as a coal miner up north. In 1912 he came to Florida. From one book I read (putting fiction and facts and making a story) he arrived at this couples house weighing 85lbs and a little over 5ft (at his full height he was 5.4 I think). After several months he started exploring the area around where he stayed. After 2 months he decided that the back yard of where he was staying was best. He was given the land. He cleared all brush and weeds from the place, leaving only the trees. He than cleared the shallow top soil until he hit the coral rock, or limestone. From the story after several weeks the husband of the couple came out to check on Ed. He came upon Ed just lifted a rock out of the ground. How he cut it he didn't know, how he got the chain up underneath the block to get it out no one knows. Ed liked people, whenever someone came by he would stop whatever he was doing and come by to greet them and answer any questions. You never got the feeling he didn't want you to come by, but he would stop whatever he was doing and come talk to you. He wouldn't work while people we're watching, and often when people watched from afar with telescopes and binoculars he could sense it and would stop work. (Scientist say their is a snydrome that masons had in ancient times that they could sense when someone was watching them work. The work they did was highly secret, and they didn't want people to find out how they did it. They think Ed might have had the same sense.) Finally Ed had his house. It was built entirely of stone, and no cement. His cuts were perfect and he never chipped or broke a stone. The edges were smooth, which is rare for coral rock. Ed did a lot of thinking and reading. He liked to watch nature. A rumor went around town that he had money, lots of it, and that he didn't trust banks. A gang of boys beat him up and it took a few days to fully recover. Almost immedietly he decided it was time move. He moved his whole house, piece by piece to a new place 10 miles from here. No one saw him load the trucks because he did them at night. One time the truck driver dropped the truck off and returned unexpectedly in 30 minutes. Ed had already had 4 stones on the truck. How he did this non one knows. Finally Ed had moved. He started building not only his house, but furniture, and wall around his property. No one ever saw Ed build but he gave tours of his coral castle while he was building it (just not while he was actually building, just in the process). In 1951 Ed died, after a month of being in the hospital. Before neighbors could get to his belongings and writings someone had already stolen most of his papers and some of his tools. In the last 15 years of his life he did a lot of experiments with electricty and such. We know that the smaller stones he could have lifted with pulleys and levers, but the big ones, he didn't have a pulley big enough to do it. Ed said he had discovered how the Egyptians built the pyramids. Some of the things Ed built out of rock are amazing. He has two gates, one weighs 9 tons, you can open it with a finger, it is pivoted just right. How Ed new the exact location of where to drill a hole (and drill a straight hole through something that big) we don't know. It is hard enough for scientist to do it with smooth surfaces and all. About 30 years later the gate pivot broke. It took 20 men and a 20ton crane to fix the pivot. Now it doesn't open with a finger, because they don't have it pivoted exactly. About 20 years after that it broke again. This time they had to cut the walls on either side to get the gate back in.

How can a man of a 4th grade education know all this? God given genus. He said he was a Mason, though he never went to any meetings in Florida. There are quite a few questions as to why he did some of the things he did. Some people think that Ed was able to flip the magnetic fields on the rocks so that the the rocks would instead of gravity pulling them down, because he flipped them it would force up. A magnet needs a + and - to work. But when you have a + and + they go against each other. Their are energy grids all over the earth. When Ed moved, he placed his house on exactly when on of the grids meet. Was their another reason he moved besides the attack? Besides mystery some conspiracy has gone on about him. Some say he left Latvia because the government didn't want him in the country. Something about what he was doing with his work, or working as a spy. All this is quite amazing. Ed died without writing down how he built his castle. However he did publish some stuff on electricty and magnetics and such. To learn more on Ed Leedskalnin do your own research on the internet. Youtube has alot of stuff on him. But remember one thing. Don't believe something just because you read it. A lot of stuff on him is speculation, but you will also see some interesting things about numbers he wrote on his house, how they conincide with other things, and why did he only move the rocks at night? Do your own research if you are interested. And if you are interested in that maybe you would be interested in sound levetation. The tibetins used it. They have monastaries hundreds of feet up on the cliff, with no possible way to get the rocks up. The amount of stuff that modern man doesn't know is amazing. If you think we are smarter than ancient man, think again. In Jesus time we have found batteries like the ones we have today (made a little differently). So, do your own research and learn more about the amazing inventions that God has given man! If you look at a lot of the amazing feets of humans, often the geniuses watched nature to learn how to invent them, most of the time we are just copying what God has already done.

The choir ceremony went well. It is sad to see so many seniors leaving this year. But what was most unexpected was to find that our choir director was leaving. Quite startling, but I think it will be good for her to have a break. I am planning to join choir this year again. If this year is not how I expected I may not do it my senior year. But God has his plans, we are to follow them.

Drama went quite well. We are doing puppets, so we rehearsed scenes that we're in with them. The play is definitely going to be fun. :)

Well, that was a LOT of writing. I am making a trip with a friend to see about buying beehives this evening. So, I'd better go.
God bless!

English Vintner