Wednesday, 5 December 2012

What if we lived a life of Prayer?

What would happen if every other breath you breathed you were breathing out a prayer? What if we were asking God in every situation? What if you could relate with Paul when he talks about prayer without ceasing? What if you were asking God one minute and the next were thanking Him for answering your prayer? Because that will happen. The more you pray, the more your prayers will be answered. What if instead of yelling at that person you prayed for them? What if the next time you were about to go to a party you asked God not to let you lust or be jealous at anyone there? Before asking your children to do something you asked God to give them willing hearts. Before you reprimanded them you prayed that God would give you words of wisdom, speak to them, change them, change you? Because, really, it’s not up to you, it’s up to God. So why not take the burden off you and ask God? God truly loves it when we ask Him for things. What if the next time you were tempted to judge someone walking down the hallway, maybe fat, maybe covered in tattoos, what if instead of judging them you prayed for them? “God, help them to lose weight.” “God, help that person into a relationship with you.” Love does not assume, don’t assume, pray, don’t assume the worst of someone, you don’t know what storm God is putting them through. Can you even comprehend what your life could look like if God was right there, beside you in every moment of the day? You drop a pin in the carpet, and knowing God is right there you ask Him, “Father, please show me where it is.” How can a Father refuse His children? God Himself promises in His word, if we ask in His name, anything is possible. If it be His will he will do it, so next time ask, pray before that meeting, next time you’re about to open your mouth to yell at someone, pray for them instead. What if we lived a life of prayer?

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