Friday, 22 March 2013 thoughts?

I look around me and I see how the world treats women. I even look around and see how many ‘Christian’ men treat women. Maybe it’s not in the way they act but the way they talk about them. Maybe it’s just a joke, but maybe there is more truth to it than there seems to be. I don’t know. What I do know is that I hold in my mind a respect for women that some people would probably think goes too far. When I think of women they are equal and I will treat them with that respect. I do not join in on jokes about women, or talk about them even behind their backs about them. I might confess to their mysteriousness, but I will not degrade them. I probably tend to be a little bit of a feminist myself in my view on this. I have a tendency to be somewhat rebellious, and this is one way that it shows up. I hold a view of women at least as equals, if not superior to men, and I look around and see the disgusting guys around me in this world. I see how needy we are for real men. I think about how hard it can be to be a true Christian guy in this world, and try to fathom how many real men are really out there. I may be put down by the other gender, but I will always hold them in high esteem. I will always give them their due respect and privilege. I refuse to joke about them with other guys and I refuse to lower my respect of them. I see how Jesus treats women, and I seek to do the same.

English Vintner