Wednesday, 15 April 2009

More work

Well, its been a while. No new batches, been so busy these past few months. But, I have been doing work on my winery, along with putting in a garden, 100 strawberries, and 25 raspberries.

I have my wall put in, sheet rock on 2 3/4 walls, a little more then 1 wall left to sheet rock. 2 walls to mud and paint, the other to are all done! Once I am done I will try to post pics. I have some from the begining, and some from the middle, and will take some when I am done.

I also want to make a 15 minute dvd of winemaking. Shoot about 20 min. Cut down too 15, then one down to 5 min. for short veiwing.

I was able to make a batch of soda this week. Some cream and rootbeer. The rootbeer didn't turn out as well as I'd like. Need to get some more can sugar, and look at a recipe. :) I think I did a little to much extract, so I was adding water, and sugar.

Anyway, better run, do some more work on the winery.