Saturday, 7 March 2009

Winery Project

I have been busy working on my wall I told you guys about. I have the 2x4s up, next is wiring, hoping to get done today. Then sheet rock! I spent $270 on the project so far, helping the economy.

As far as a tip. When you are using your equipment, you need to sanatize before and after using they say. Well, I find it hard to sanatize, use it, then sanaitze and put away. On MW winebrew forum I learned from a brewer (I am one also) that he leaves the sanatizing solution in the sink, sanatizes the equipment, uses it, then sticks it back in and then puts away. I don't know why I never thought of it, but its so simple. I don't really have the space right now to store it away, so right now I plan on doing that.

I am behind on my goal this far, but hoping to buy a 15 gallon demijohn and making cranberry wine. The thought of 75 bottles of wine is awesome, and from one batch! :)

Have a blessed weekend.