Monday, 24 May 2010

Hard Work

Well, well, well. The play that we did was fantastic. Totally amazing. I enjoyed my role more than any other role I have ever had! (I was Dogberry, we did Much Ado About Nothing)

Friday afternoon my grandparents and two of my cousins arrived. We hung out and did a little gardening till supper time. Than my sister and older brother and I left to go to the theater early. We went over a few scenes. When the doors opened the rest of my family arrived and settled in. The play started at 8:00pm. It was quite good, we had an audience of around 80-100-/+. Which was quite a bit for the small bit of advertising we did for it, mostly through facebook and posters.

Afterwards friends from church took myself, my sister and older brother and our two cousins out to Steak and Shake. We enjoyed the fellowship, but didn't eat a whole lot, I got a raspberry shake.

We were in bed by about 12am. Than up by 7:30am to get in a bit of breakfast before we left to the theater for the second showing. The second showing went well, but not quite as good as Fridays showing. We had less of an audience Saturday, and less energy. But it was still quite fun.

After the play we had to take home everything, props and all, and clean up everything. We finally left a little before 11:30am. My cousin and I had decided we wanted to do something big, but we were not sure what. Maybe make a terrace or something. So, we got home ate lunch and head down to the garden.

We worked from 1pm till 6pm with a few breaks. During that time we put in two terraces each 5 feet wide and 15-20ft long. We had to haul some trees and chop down a few. At 6pm we started the grill because I wanted to see how my cousin grilled zucchini. We got the first zucchini and grilled it up, along with some fish. We ate that along with enchiladas. At around 7:45pm we headed down to the garden. We worked for about 20 minutes and came back up. Washed dishes and did some jazz (as my cousin likes to say). By 8:30pm we headed back out and worked till 9:30pm. Thankfully the moon shown brightly, because it would have been hard to see if it had not. For that last hour we finished up the two terraces and got them all nice, made the paths on either side of them and put in a few other spots to plant. We than tilled and cleared the area to the right of where we made the two terraces. Tilled it all up.

At 9:30 we came up, got some water, and took showers and were asleep by 10:20pm. I got up at 7:10am the next morning to have breakfast ready. I pollinated another zucchini (for the last week or two I don't think I have gone more than 2 days without pollinating a zucchini!) and got breakfast ready. We left for church at 8:40 and had a good worship service. We took a walk later on in the afternoon before evening worship service and took a look at someone else garden terraces in our neighborhood.

Sunday night, after church we came home and opened up 8 beer bottles, of cream soda. :) My grandma like it so much she asked me to make her some and she would buy it next time we come. So, I was quite pleased. We than got together a game of Catan with my cousin Jether, Josiah, my dad and I. It was the first time my dad had played, and he won. We got to bed a little after 12am.

Than, this morning we got up at 7:30. Came down, saw that breakfast was porridge (that needed cooking) and so we went to go down to the garden. We got down and started cutting down trees and making 4 smaller terraces. We cut down 1 poplar, about 8 inches thick, 1 elm that was aboaut 7 inches thick. And 3 memossa. One was 12 inches thick that we cut down in 6 minutes (yes, we can work fast!:), we both chop at the tree at the same time! At 9am we went back got packed and while he packed I ate a hurried breakfast, or bowl of porridge. We than rushed down to the garden and finished putting in 3 terraces and making a path for one of the big terraces we had made on Saturday. At 9:45am we headed back up to the house and said our good byes. A great time had by all.

I than showed by family the work we had done, came back here with two cups of coffee, and so sit here writing down the journal of the last few days. I think Isaiah will be glad to read it, here what we did while they were here, even if he did miss out on it. Now to enjoy vacation.

God Bless!

English Vintner