Thursday, 8 July 2010


I recently ordered some greenhouse tape. It is UV resistant and heat resistant. I am very excited and hope that this will fix the problems I have had with my greenhouse roof.

I need a few holes to repair (holes made on purpose, but need to be patched) and I need to tape the two sheets or plastic together.

Last fall I used packing tape, and actually that worked pretty well. Held up till about 2 months ago. Than it came loose. So I bought some cheap duct tape and used that, I figured it would work better, but, it can't stand the heat. I guess 130ºF heat melts and glue, and once it melts it is useless. So, that didn't really work. I was really getting disappointed with it.

I did some research and came across a web site that sells greenhouse supplies. I bought the two rolls, a little pricey, but, if it works than I think it will be good.

I ordered a few books off Amazon, also along with the books I got some stevia seeds. I'll probably get some sort of pot for them, so that I can bring it inside during the winter. I got a book on making the most efficient apple cider grinder and press, and a book about growing herbs and other things for brewing beer. I'm excited about those.

I finished the rock wall for my herb garden. Probably a couple tons I would guess of rocks. Actually practically broke our wheel barrow doing it. I might need to look into buying a new one. I'll see what I can do to repair it.

Now I just have to figure out where I am getting the dirt to fill my herb garden with. I might buy some top soil from Lowes, I don't know. I would get the cheap stuff, a dollar or two per cubic foot. I have some compost up here that would work for some of it.

Anyway. I need to pick some cucumbers today. I got up at 6am and hand weeded the corn up by the fence that is (the corn) in an L shape around the summer lettuce. It was enjoyably cool this morning, 68º. Tonight it is suppose to get down to 70º and tomorrow night 65º. So, it looks like Friday night will be good. We have a whole house fan that we use to suck in the air from out side into our house. Which on hot days like these, you need someone like me to get up early before the sun and turn on the fan to cool the house before 8am.

Too much work to do, too little time. I just have to remember who is taking care of things, and working out everything for my good.

God Bless!
English Vintner