Saturday, 17 April 2010

What a busy day. Started out with a fresh cup of coffee and biscotti. I than started research for a supplier that would ship bees this late in the season. Bee season begins early and they ALWAYS run out. I don't know if they just can't keep up with the demand here in the US or what, but it happens every year. I found a place yesterday and emailed them. I got the email last night, but went to bed before I got it. In the morning I found out that I could order with in the next 36 hours to get a package of bees with queen from CA. The price would be $120 for the package, I checked shipping, I knew it would be high. But I didn't quite expect it to be $88! But, I consoled my self with the fact that I had built my whole hive for not a cent. And was willing to pay it. I called my dad to see wether or not I could use the credit card (we are all under one credit card, but we have separate debit cards). He asked the price and I told him, he said wait till he got home. I than even more anxious than before starting doing more research. This was one of the few that still sold bees this late in the season. I managed to find a place in Texas that would ship them, the total price being $162. $45 less than from CA. The Lord is good and he provides for his children. I am learning to pray for even the smallest things in my life. I am planning on ordering next week and should get the bees sometime in mid May they said.

Meanwhile inbetween researching I was down in the shop fixing my beehives. My cousin and I made them at Thanksgiving and made a mistake. Fairly easy one and I was fixing them mistake so that my hive would be ready. It took me a little while to figure out how to make the cut, but once I had it it was easy.

A little before noon my dad came home and the family went to Memorial Gardens for an hour or so. I took my camera and took over 100 photos. It is a beautiful place right near downtown Concord. It has rock paths, benches, fountains and TONS of flowers.

Around 9am a friend came by to use the tiller. They brought it back around 4pm after they were done tilling and planting. They also gave me some sugar snap peas. In exchange, I gave their daughter a dozen or so pumpkin seeds. I got around 500 from one pumpkin I grew last year and I was more than happy to give them a few.

I made a batch of sticky bun dough around 5pm and worked on the bee hive some more. I found some exterior paint I got from the trash ( wonder where that came from?) :) and it works really well. I had painted the hives white with interior paint and I painted over with the beige exterior paint. It looks really good. I also made a hive stan and put everything together. The only thing I have to do is some how wire in the wax foundation for the brood chamber.

I dug up a blackberry plant from last year that I bought and put it in a pot. I am hoping when my cousin is here that we can plant it.

I should be going now though. I have to be up early for cooking breakfast.

Have a blessed Lord's day!

English Vintner