Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Apple Grinder/Press

This photo is a picture of what my apple grinder will look like.

Well, apple picking went well. We didn't really pick apples, because we bought seconds for a good price. 21 bushels for $60. We then went to Stepp Orchard and bought some bags of Jonagold (cheaper than picking) and some sweet potatoes.

So, now we have lots of apples. I finally figured out what store will sell the disposals. Restore.

I will try and make that my project this week. To get the grinder almost all the way finished. If I work hard and have everything I could probably put it all together in 10 hours. We will see.

Well, talk to you later. We had rain all day today. Slow and steady, great for the soil.

Here is a link to where I am building my design from. I bought the book he sells. I've read a lot of his articles, all the ones on cider, and quite a lot on a few other things. I like him a lot.

English Vintner


  1. How much cider can you make? And what is the cider making process like? Does it have to age the way wine does?

  2. I would like to make 5 gallons of hard cider. It will be basically like making wine. I'll add yeast, let it ferment, and than I will rack off. The difference is that most of it I will bottle fizzy. I'll add a little bit of sugar to it right before I bottle and it will create co2 in the beer bottles. Aging, after a few months I will probably start drinking it, but I'll probably save a lot of it for the early summer months when a lot of garden work is going on and I need a light refreshing drink. ; )

    I want to make a couple of gallons vinegar also. Which means I will probably let it wild ferment with yeast and then bacteria will eat the alcohol and turn it into acid. I think I will just do a gallon or two this year, and hopefully more next year.

    I have the disposal and motor. Now I just need to fit everything together. I also have to clean the disposal, it is NASTY!

    I would like to make 10 gallons of hard cider next year. 5 gallons of cider vinegar. And 10 gallons of fresh frozen cider. That is the plan anyway. ; ) We will see what happens.


  3. That sound like a lot of apples!
    But it sure sounds nice to be able to make/grow alot your ingredients yourself... and the tools used in the process.