Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I just bought a motor off ebay, for my cider grinder and press plans. I bid $20 on one motor and got out bid, and went to the other one that was the exact same model, sold by the same person, and bid $10.50 and got it. :)

Now, they do not garuntee that it works, but, I sure hope it does. :) Otherwise I'm out $32.96. Now, the next thing is to find a cheap garbage disposal. See, I don't really need it to work because I don't use the motor in the disposal, that is what this motor is for. It works much better, so, now I need a coupling to connect the motor to the shaft of the disposal. I am hoping the disposal won't cost much more than $50. That way I could make the whole press and grinder for under $100 hopefully.

Well, I guess that is all for now. I hope to get out to the garden today, but probably won't do a whole lot. My siblings and I and Josh are planning on playing a LotR model game. My two younger brothers have LotR models that they paint and then have battles with, quite fun.

Keep chillin'!

English Vintner

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