Sunday, 26 May 2013

Connect and Relate

I am realizing more the reason behind some of the things I do and I am doing. The drive is, connection and relatability. I want to relate to people. I want to make connections. I want to relate to people. 

For this reason I do listen to rap. I dress the way I do. I listen to the pop music on the radio. I am obsessed with the things I’m obsessed with. I do the things I do. I want to be able to connect. I want to relate. And not just to any body, but especially those who are ‘outcast’ of the circles I’m in. Ones that people would judge in my circles. I want to be able to connect and have something to talk about. I want to have a point to start out. And so I started this life style of going out into the world in a sense. I am getting down into the dirt. I am getting a little dirt on myself for the sake or relationship. For this reason I do these things. 

Like Paul says, I become as one under the law to those under the law. Paul relates to the greeks in ways, but also being a Jew relates to the Jews and calls them brothers. Paul goes to great lengths to connect and relate to people to bring people to Jesus. This was an inspiration to me, and I seek to do this. Jesus ate with the tax collectors and prostitutes, and ate among sinners. We surround ourselves with godly people to be edified, but must go to the ungodly to edify them. We need strength so that we have strength to give to others.

English Vintner


  1. And this is why you are too cool for school.

    Just remember: Who you are is exactly who God wants you to be. He will bring you through change and development and growth, but being exactly who you are will be exactly what you need to be able to relate.
    Be relatable, yes, be connectable, yes, but just remember this is way deeper than image. The point is to be yourself and get to know others real selves. Love is the most important thing you can do to others and you don't have to be exactly as others in order to love them.

    I'm in love with your reasons for this stuff. Remember you are only going to be able to have a good relationship with another person to the extent that you are pursuing a good relationship with Christ. What you strive to be must first and foremost be pressing you in closer to Christ.
    I'm also in love with crazy you who is whacko and completely other and completely different from what anyone can think up or expect. The way you love is huge. I love that.

    Still. I would still concur you're too cool for school (good decision to graduate).

  2. Right. Connecting and relating is just surface deep with this stuff. It is just the 'small talk' to get into a long conversation. It's just the starting point to a deep talk. True love doesn't happen everyday, unless it comes from God above.