Tuesday, 4 December 2012

100 of 1000 Gifts

  1. The early morning
  2. The sunrise, array of colour
  3. Coffee, steaming hot and fresh
  4. Ability to sleep so well
  5. Strong body, no injuries or afflictions
  6. Cleaning, instant gratification
  7. A warm house in Winter
  8. Music, in general
  9. Singing
  10. Lord of the Rings, the books
  11. Wine
  12. Wood floors
  13. Mugs, the ceramic hand made kind
  14. Shelves, wooden with the bark still on
  15. Decorations, pine needles, oranges, and the like
  16. Dark blue jeans
  17. Thermos, keeping my coffee and tea hot for house
  18. Wine glasses, they just add such elegance
  19. Wooden crates, I love the rustic touch they add
  20. Good pots, nothing like good cooking equipment for a chef ;)
  21. Hand crafted pottery
  22. Pictures, in general
  23. Sharp pencils
  24. iPods
  25. Headphones/ear buds
  26. Mist, in the early morning
  27. Crackling leaves in the Autumn
  28. Catan, one of my all time favorite games, ever
  29. My amazing sister, Londa. Pretty, beautiful inside and out, someone I’ve learned SO much from. I wouldn’t be who I am today without her. Theater is so much more fun with her. Amazing, humorous, gifted. I love you.
  30. Apple cider, spiced or cold
  31. Champion Juicer, it does so much
  32. Coffee grinder, hand crank and burr electric
  33. Home remedies
  34. Tea, herbal, black, chai, the whole range, I love it
  35. Late nights
  36. Stars, cold clear nights, when I can see constellations 
  37. James Shafer, an amazing theater teacher, and part of who I am today is because of him, I love you James!
  38. Sharp knives, kitchen or other
  39. Gardening, I love the dirt, the plants, it draws me to it
  40. Plants
  41. Emotions, adrenaline rushes and the like
  42. Girls
  43. Pickup Trucks
  44. Friends
  45. Youth Group, my YG is amazing and I’m so blessed to have such great leaders
  46. Gourds and Fall decorations
  47. Candles
  48. Corks
  49. Window glass panes
  50. Grapefruit
  51. Log homes
  52. Tasha, our dog
  53. Irish wool sweater 
  54. Irish tweed hat
  55. Silver water, that wonderful healing drink
  56. Mattiniah, my youngest sibling who is so funny and makes me laugh every day. I love you GG.
  57. Shot glasses, the wonderful engravings upon them
  58. Squirrels, so fun to watch
  59. Wood smoke, it will always make it feel like Fall when I smell it, one of my all time favorite smells, ever.
  60. Green shoes, real leather and italian, I can’t wear them without someone commenting on them
  61. Quiet moments to reflect on, such as now
  62. My Church, I don’t agree with everything, but I love the people there
  63. Sleep, the blessed medium between night and day
  64. Simple truths, through the mouths of babes
  65. The Bible, what a blessing it is to read and learn from
  66. Milk kefir, fermented milk, what gets better?
  67. Blankets
  68. Fire, the smell, the look, it is truly amazing the affect it has on homo sapiens
  69. Computers, so convenient for so many different things
  70. Books, in general
  71. Warm clothes to wear when it’s cold
  72. Eggnog
  73. No sleep, because I am so much more emotional when I am, and I like it call me emo. . .
  74. Carcassonne, that wonderful game that can involve my younger siblings as well
  75. Reflection, looking back over the past year 
  76. Devotions, the quiet time with God
  77. The song Solution, by Hillcity United 
  78. Creativity, because it’s so much a part of who I am and what I do
  79. Cell phones, they truly make life easier today
  80. Prayer, talking to God
  81. Matthew Sganga, my former boss at the restaurant I worked at, truly a remarkable man, one I will always look up to and learn from
  82. Cooking, I feel SO at home the instant I step into a kitchen and start cooking
  83. Hair, it is amazing to me the different styles and what people put their hair through and it still holds up
  84. My family, because right now they are everything to me besides God
  85. Family meetings, I always find them quite enjoyable
  86. The sun, making each day new
  87. Clouds, because the best sunrises and sets have clouds
  88. Butter in my coffee, SO good!
  89. My mug from Ireland, reminding me of the 3 weeks I spent there
  90. Tea kettle, making hot drinks possible! ;)
  91. Blackavar, our cat, our relationship has not been easy, but I have learned to like you now, you are truly a beautiful cat
  92. Christmas trees, they create such great aura to the room
  93. The stillness on a quiet morning
  94. Cousins, because after my family, they are usually closest to me, my best friend is my cousin
  95. Tissues, or toilet paper in our house, they are so simple and yet so extravagant 
  96. Fresh water, something millions and millions of people live without
  97. Work, the ability to do physical labor, something I love with passion when I’m motivated
  98. Poinsettias 
  99. Writing down things I’m thankful for
  100. My Pastor, I learn so much from him and love hearing what he has to say

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