Thursday, 24 February 2011


I don't know, something about sunrises, the wavelength of the rays of sun making different colors, as we see the sun as far away as we can on the horizon, making glorious the sky. It really is amazing the beauty that God put on this earth, despite one humankind does to destroy our selves and everything good.

I would like to challenge anyone reading this blog, but more to those who like to follow this blog. I would challenge you to, if weather permits, to see sunrise, maybe several, take pictures of each, and pick the best and send it to me. Hey, maybe we can have a sunrise picture contest!? : )

Mainly I just want to see sunrises. If you are addicted to sunrises, you can search on the web, they have lots of really beautiful sunrise pictures against sky scrapers, woods, hills, streams, all beautiful.

Here is a picture of my sunrise this morning. If the sky has some clouds near the horizon where the sun is rising it makes a big difference in what the sky will look like, as the sky lights up, reflecting the light. This morning was a bit bigger than usual. This was taken from my back porch, and with my computer, so I'm afraid the quality is poor.


English Vintner

I hope the video came through, and maybe you got a bit of a laugh out of it. : ) I usually don't keep my normal accent on when speaking, try and go slightly 'british' when on camera. I think you can see the sunrise a bit clearer through the video.

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  1. You missed the last 12 seconds, nothing more you didn't see. Sorry the video cuts off the last bit. I hope this has inspired you to take a picture of your sunrise and email it to me, or post a comment with it.