Friday, 1 October 2010

Whizbang Winter Squash Secret

This is taken from Herrick Kimball's blog, Whizbang Gardening. Essays on gardening on his homestead. Growing garlic (1,200 bulbs annually), compost sifting, and much more.

The secret to growing good winter squash is here. The trick is using a post hole digger, and digging a hole, to a depth of 18-24 inches. Into this hole compost is put in. Layering between dirt and compost until level with ground. Than soak it, after it has gone down from the liquid add more layers of dirt and compost until level. Now plant 4 squash seeds. Over this place some hoops to make clotche. Place over the hoops some fabric to keep the bugs out, but sunlight and rain in. To keep it down put the side of a tire over it.

When it is big enough you can take the fabric and tire side off. The plant should be big enough that any insect damage will not harm it severely. This is a great way to start off plants healthy without insects without having to use poison.

To read a better version of it, go here. I can't wait to try this next year!

English Vintner


  1. Sorry the pictures were spaced a little weird, but I'm still getting used to posting pictures.

  2. The pictures are a good idea, they make it much easier to read and more interesting. The pictures on this post were just fine. The odd spacing helps break up the text and makes things more interesting.

  3. I love winter Squash. My only question is how much room does it take up?

  4. It would depend on what kind. Pumpkins, generally will take up more space because the squash is bigger. Butternut, if allowed to on good soil will go everywhere and produce 3-4 maybe 5 on one plant. But, you can trim the vines.

    One thing, you could practically dig the hole in your yard and just let it go all over the yard, or around a bush or shrub. That is the thing, if you dig this hole than you end up with one super good starting point for the squash to be in.

    I would look up what varieties you want and see if they have a plant spacing chart.