Thursday, 7 October 2010

Cider (hard cider)

Cider, or as the americans would call it, hard cider (the British call it just cider, remember America had a prohibition on alcohol that ended only 70 years ago) is easy to make. It is usually bottled in beer bottles, clear or brown, usually clear. More often than not in the big commercial companies they force carbonate with co2 rather than let natural carbonation take place. This is because naturaly co2 makes sediment

(My computer just made me delete the rest of what I had written, about 4 times as much as I just wrote.)

I'm pretty mad about it. I'm gonna summarize and say I started some hard cider. It should make an ABV of 6.3%.

English Vintner


  1. I had to do all the work this time also. My younger brothers came and watched for 2 minutes when I was actually pressing out the cider. Then, I guess it was too boring. So, I decided, if I did all the work, I'm gonna make it hard. :)

    It would help to have another person, though, for crushing apples they need to be about as strong as me. Though with another person they could chop them at times and be tightening down the press at times etc. while I was chopping the apples.

  2. I'll be there in a week, if you're still at it I can help. However, with two people it will still be just as hard, I hope. ; )

  3. It will probably be finished (the apple cider pressing). I hope it will stay hard! : )