Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Genetically Engineered?

After reading two articles in God's World that I disagreed with I decided I should try and write my own thoughts about it. I am not the extremist that the article talks about, but neither do I side with them. I have done my own research on how the ancients farmed, and believe me, they did WAY better than modern America or other countries are doing. America NEEDS to change the way they do agriculture, our world needs to change the way they do it. Why? Because of one simple fact. The way we are doing agriculture, WILL result in world wide famine. Yes, thats right, starvation. If we (humans) had kept our farming methods to the way the ancient Irish/Celtics did it, and the way just about any ancient culture did it, we would find the results astonishing!

I was doing some research on ancient ways the Incas did farming I think it was (Inca, Maya, or one of those S. America/C. America peoples). I was reading that about 20 years ago the people farming the same land as they did 1500 years ago were almost to the point of starvation, crop yields were down. Than, a company came in and got them set up using Organic methods of farming. Within the next 7 years they had increased the production by more than double.

They did two test plots. One was conventional modern farming, the other was ancient inca farming. The ancient inca farming had yields more than 7 times that of the conventional gardening.

You see. We think that by coming up with new poisons (we constantly have to be coming up with stronger herbecides, fungicides, insecticides, and such because the plants and insects change and are not affected by the poison any more, becoming stronger than before!) and by providing 3 elements to the soil we can farm. Now, let me state right now, I have a respect for any farmers, because they are underlooked. What I HATE, hate might be rather strong, what I dislike strongly are the people above them, the big guys. But, I'm getting off track slightly.

We think that our farming methods are better than before in history. In fact, we are so obsessed that our methods are better, that we think it IMPOSSIBLE to farm without using some sort of poison.

You, know, its hard to change old habits. But someone did it about 120 years ago, and that is the habit we are in now, why can't we change back to better ways?

We are fallen human beings. And, without Christ, the natural thing for a human to do is do evil, sin. True, we live in a fallen world, but why do you think we need poison to kill the weeds? I'm trying to stay organized here.

People ignorant of better ways, will stick with 'what works'.

Are you aware of the company Monsanto? They created Round Up. When first released they said that it was biodegradable up to 40%. Recent studies show 2%. What, so they lied? Yes. A company that big lies, cheats, and does anything and everything to gain money and power. The community around where the company produces the Round Up and other things are mostly dead. The fact was, they had a stream running through the town that carried out all the deadly chemicals and run off. What? The company now is producing genetically modified organisms, abbreviated to be GMO. They alter the genetics of seeds. Well, isn't that was breeding does?

Well, sort of. The genetically altering of these seeds are hybrids (according to the research I've done, if you have other statements saying something else, please let me know). A hybrid means that the seed, most of it, 75% or so is not going to produce anything, it is, sterile.

So, why use hybrids? Well, I don't mind some hybrids, ones that farmers take two different kinds of soybeans with characteristics and breed them. So, a short soybean with a good producing soybean to get the two in one soybean plant.

However, when you genetically alter the seed, so that it will resist a deadly poison, what happens? Well, for one thing animals won't eat it. You grow a field of GMO corn and you won't have a single crow eat any of the young tender plants. Wait, we want to eat food that animals won't? Also, GMO corn, deer won't eat. What is it about it, how can they tell the difference?

Did you know that in natural disasters you can't find wild animals among the dead? They have some instinct that tells them when something is coming, earthquake, volcano, tsunami.

But, that is not all. So, now we have seed that animals won't eat, ok. Well, if animals don't like it, WE DO! However before we eat it, while it is growing, we will spray the field with a poison that if it touches you, could cause harm. So, we spray the field, not weeds grow, supposedly reducing labor and equipment and millions of dollars. But, that is using the conventional way. If you used the ancient method the cost would be cut by MILLIONS!

What do you think happens to the poison once it is in the field? Well, at some point it gets down either to the water table, wouldn't you like to have a well right next to your nieghbor who has a field of GMO corn and sprays roundup on it? Lovely, poisoned well water...

If it doesn't get to the water table it runs off the land into ditches, and eventually to lakes, rivers, streams, and eventually to the water you drink.

So, one of my biggest things about GMO seeds is that you are spraying round up on the field! Not even so much that they are GMO. But that they have to spray round up on i!

You know, Monsanto, will grow a field of sugar beets (well, not anymore, the Judge in CA just ruled out GMO sugar beets, which is good, except that 90% of US sugar beets are GMO, so sugar prices will rise) and have an organic farmer growing next to him with sugar beets. The pollen from the GMO beets gets into the ORGANIC farmers seed. He saves his seed. Than, Monsanto tests his seed, finds out it has GMO in it and sues the farmer. Usually winning, and putting him out of business. Nice! Put the small farmer out of business.

Is this the kind of company you support and want? A money power hungry company that is out to rule the world? Wait, rule the world? Well, see what you think after you read this next bit.

After the Haiti earthquake Monsanto sends 'for free' 100s of tons of seed. Thats good, right, helping out this 3rd world country? Well, Haiti knew better, they had a march and burned all the seed. Why? Well, a couple reasons.

1. In the past Monsanto has gone to 3rd world country, offered them GMO hybrid seed, for free, the first year. What the farmers don't know is the fine print. In the fine print is that the farmers MUST buy from them EVERY year, new hybrid seeds. And because the seeds are hybrids the farmers cannot save it. And now the farmers are going bankrupt because they are having to buy year after year seed, instead of saving from year to year. In fact, a large amount of sucicide deaths of farmers in India are being linked to GMO seeds. They get into the contract, start using them, and than go into depression.

2. Hybrid seeds. I touched on this some what in the above one. Hybrid seeds cannot be kept from year to year and that, is not sustainable agriculture.

Did you know, some of the seeds Monsanto grows are tomatoes and pepper plants that grow and are so toxic to touch that you have to wear a suit to handle them? Many many links of women who are pregnant working in greenhouse with GMO seeds that have this same herbicide and the babies have birth defects. They have traced it back to this!

So, the way to fix this, world wide famine that will come if we continue the way we are farming, is not by spraying more poison. Did you know that their are now 10 super weeds that are not affected by roundup? That number keeps rising. How soon will it be before we have to find another stronger poison to replace round up?

You see, the way to fix this is to work WITH nature, not against. Paramagnetism, is the way to fix this. Organic agriculture, if you want to call it that. That is, using crop rotation, not using any pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, etc. There is much MUCH more to soil and crop growth than, NPK. Or Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Pottasium.

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  1. It is a long post. You may not have had time to read through it. It is in rough draft form, and could really use some editing and rearranging. I don't know if that will happen.

    If you want more articles on either GMO seeds to convince you they are bad I do know of some. If you are more interested in natural agriculture, paramagnetism, and organic growing, I know quite a bit about that.

    There is so much to learn in this large world, to be an expert on all would Solomon. Elctromagnetism rules the world. That is not to say God doesn't, he put Electromagnetism to run everything. You see, everything is connected with everything else.

    We were put on this earth to preserve it. That is not to say we can't cut down trees. That is to say, if you cut down a forest replant a forest. Don't spray poison on your crops, make healthy soil and you will have healthy plants. You have to keep God in everything you are looking at.

  2. Well done! I wonder what the people at Monsanto are going to eat once all this comes to a head? Do you think they've even thought that far in advance?

  3. I don't know. I have thought about the fact that: if they are making hybrid seeds, what happens when everyone has hybrid seeds? You have to have non hybrids to get hybrids! :) I'll see if I can pull together some websites on the subject from both sides of the subject.

  4. This is so complex! I am not sure I understand it throughly yet but it is indeed somthing to ponder. I wonder if Monsanto think they are a benefit to the world or if they think they are only a financial beneift to themselves? It sure seems obvious to me! I am very interseted in agricultural improvment and would love to read some of those other websites you mentioned. I am so glad Haiti did not accept those seeds!

  5. I do find it interesting that America is the only place where High Fructose Corn Syrup is allowed. It is also the only place where GMO seeds are allowed also!

    I am not sure exactly what Monsanto is or wants to do or thinks they are doing. On the one hand they are claiming to stop starvation, but in the long run spraying poison on our land, and feeding us food that animals won't eat doesn't sound healthy.

    I don't wonder that some blind themselves to the facts and think they are helping.

    I should post an article on High Fructose Corn Syrup. I recently (today) wrote an essay on 'natural' gardening/farming. Once it is edited and more improved than this one on GMO I will post it.

    I really do want to go into agriculture on a small scale, several acres of field crops. And do a lot of experimenting with paramagnetism, ormus water, sea crop, and help get the word spread.

  6. I grabbed this one, haven't looked at it much...

    I read somewhere about Monsanto started a GMO grape vineyard in france (a small test plot). The villagers during the night pulled up and burned all of them. I am glad that they stopped it, but that is not the right way to do it...

    At the moment I can't find very many of the websites. I got most of them off of a group on facebook that was posting all about GMO for a while back in April...

    If I come across more I will post.

  7. Thanks, I am very interested in what your results are from your expiraments with sea crop, ormus water and paramagnetism.

  8. By the way, that article was sickening!! Why would anyone want to buy from such a tyrant of a company!

  9. Thanks, I'll post an essay on organic gardening soon. It covers alot, but not everything, I want to write another.

    Have you heard about CCD in bees? Collony Collapse Disorder? It is being traced back to lots of things, but one of the main things is pesticides. Each year for the last 4 years the US has lost one third of the bees! That is partly why I want to start beekeeping, and have 3-4 at my house. My friend wants a couple, and his friend would like one or two.

    I tell you, you can really tell we've messed up on our agriculture, when our bees start dying. I tell you, if the bees die, you will see most of your fruits and nuts dissapear, and your vegetable prices raise. Almond trees are pollinated exclusively by bees, and so are alot of fruit trees. If America doesn't stop using pesticides soon, I don't know how we will keep growing what we are growing.

    Maybe soon I should have an article on pesticides and bees... :)