Thursday, 22 July 2010

Lettuce, carrots, beans, peas, kale, brussels sprouts, wheat for green manure, and a few more cucumbers

I planted some stuff this evening (got pretty sweaty doing it too!). I planted some summer lettuce. I planted about 2 sq. ft. of carrots. I also planted pole beans along the fence I put up as trellis. I planted a few peas where I had some brassica. And where I pulled out the beans I planted two rows of kale, and two rows of brussels sprouts.

I planted some wheat among the sweet potatoes.

I found a few spots to throw in some cucumber seeds here and there! :)

Anyway. Man! 9:20p! I would like to get up early tomorrow and do some more work! Yipes!

God Bless!

English Vintner

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